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Vanilla persimmon tree

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Persimmon in general and vanilla persimmon in particular is held in high regard in the Far East, especially in China, which has always been considered the home of herbal medicine. Vanilla persimmon is the fruit of the beginning of winter par excellence. Especially in December. In addition to being of great nutritional value, this fruit is also very decorative and represents one of the last chromatic expressions of the year. The wood of this fruit tree is of excellent quality, resistant and beautiful in coloring. Used for cabinet making for small sculptures.

  • jar 16cm, height 110/130cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant

Generalities :

 the Vanilla persimmons are fruits less known than the classic persimmons but equally rich in properties. They sprout from a plant that is not particularly beautiful and they certainly cannot be called a choreographic fruit, but those who love the particular flavor they have or want to fill up on vitamins, cannot help but get to know them and taste them. Vanilla persimmons are good for everyone because they are a concentrate of vitamins and energies, certain that those who are on a diet or suffer from diabetes, it is better that they do not go too far in consuming them. Vitamin C abounds in these fruits which also have laxative effects if eaten ripe, on the contrary, by unripe they are astringent. Other properties of vanilla persimmons are diuretic and those concerning the liver that protect and purify.These persimmons are produced from a fruit tree belonging to the Ebenaceae family and which originates in East Asia, they look like a large berry and ripen in November. The shape of vanilla persimmons is flatter than that of "regular" persimmons, the skin is a deep yellow, in some cases even orange, and very thin. When the vanilla persimmons are ripe they can also look red. Once opened, these fruits show a dark bronze or deep red pulp, juicy and rich in seeds that has a particularly sweet taste, usually appreciated, even by the little ones.

Cultivation and Care:

 the Persimmon Vanilla are grown mainly in the southern areas of our country, these plants, characterized by deciduous, large and hairless leaves, very shiny but only on the upper page. They do not reach 20 meters in height and have a globe-shaped crown. They are not native to Italy but accustomed to semitropical climates with never harsh winters and never cool summers, today, however, they have become accustomed to resisting even temperatures below -10 degrees, down to -15 degrees. What must be avoided when growing vanilla persimmons, are the continuous movements, they must be placed immediately where they will then remain and in 4 years they will already be able to give us many fruits if in a sunny position.

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