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Dragon Blood Plum Tree

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Generalities :

The Dragonblood Plum tree is a Sino-Japanese variety. Vigorous tree, with globular expanded habit, average production. Large fruit, spheroidal, sometimes ellipsoidal, purplish-red skin, very thick and pruinose. Red flesh, medium firm, sweet, slightly acidic.

  • jar  16cm, height 120/150cm
  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm
Age Of The Plant

Generalities :

Dragon's Blood Plum is a Sino-Japanese variety that is characterized by high vigor and abundant and constant productivity. At the time of fruiting, it is sensitive to spring colds. Fairly vigorous tree, with expanded growth habit, intermediate flowering, moderately fertile and inconstant. Variety with intermediate ripening. The tree has medium / low vigor with medium productivity, need of pollinators (Shiro and Sorriso). The fruit has medium size, rounded shape with a dark red color. Red pulp with high flavor.

Cultivation and Care :

The plum tree prefers exposure to full sun and a warm temperate climate. It prefers moist and deep soils of medium texture, even clayey, provided they are well drained. Regular irrigation during the flowering, fruit setting and fruiting period. Spring rich nitrogen fertilizers and phosphorus and potassium based solutions at the time of production. Manure or manure during vegetative rest.

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