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Strawberry Grape Tree

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The Strawberry Grape, also known as American grape or Isabella grape, with robust shoots tending to burgundy, green and large velvety leaves and thick and rich bunches, is a type of grape that is easily recognized by the flavor, due to the characteristic aroma of strawberry that distinguishes it. In addition to the black strawberry grape, the Fraga grape with roundish and large black berries is cultivated, the Fragola Bianca grape with small and acidic berries, the Strawberry Precoce grape of black color and harvested at the end of August and the Precocious White Strawberry grape which, in addition to being ripe in the last days of August, has a higher sugar content than the other varieties.

  • Vase 22cm, Height: 150/170cm


The Strawberry Grape is used as a table or wine grape, it is a variety originally from the United States with a sweet taste and an unmistakable scent. Here's everything you need to know Sweet flavor and intense aroma are the two main characteristics of strawberry grapes, a variety of table and wine grapes originating in the United States, also grown in our country, especially in the northern regions. In Europe it is quite widespread and can be used both as a table grape, but also as a real wine grape. The flavor of this grape is particular and so is the wine made from it, as well as having unique organoleptic properties. It is very sweet and fruity, it tastes a bit of strawberry, and the wine too, in fact we are talking about fragolino wine, it can only be tasted if it is produced for a family purpose.

Cultivation and Care:

The cultivation of table grapes is also possible in pots. For the sapling cultivation, wooden poles are used as supports; subsequently it will be necessary to fix the vine with galvanized wires at different heights, to these the shoots will be fixed with plastic ties. The grape harvest begins from mid-July to the end of December, depending on the variety and cultivation technique. It should be remembered that the grapes must be irrigated starting from flowering while irrigation must be suspended 15 days before harvest to avoid splitting the berries. As regards pruning, old branches must be wisely cut. Pruning is best done in autumn or late winter.

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