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Sour cherry tree

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The black cherry tree (Prunus ceranus) is a close relative of the cherry tree and is also known as sour cherry or black cherry. Originally from Asia Minor, in the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, you produce fruit with a sweet and sour taste but still very tasty, which represent a real cure-all for our health. Amarena has a higher concentration of antiaging substances such as bioflavonoids and anthocyanins than its closest "relative", cherry, which, in addition to giving it the bright red color, fight and prevent inflammation, counteracting flaccidity.

  • jar 22cm, height 150/170cm


LAmarena is the fruit of one of the main species of Prunus cerasus, Amareno, also called sour cherry. They have a sedative action capable of reconciling sleep, improving mood and vision; they help break down fats and improve appetite. Thanks to pectins, they eliminate waste and toxins, in addition to reducing fatigue, promoting the reduction of pain for muscles subjected to heavy physical loads; they strengthen the capillaries, prevent venous thrombosis, improve vision.Their properties are exceptional: they have an anti-inflammatory action, linked above all to the presence of anthocyanins, which are useful in case of inflamed colon and fight the oxidative process carried out by the radicals free. In addition, they improve mood, relax, are ideal for finding calm and tranquility in times of stress; prevent colon and breast cancer, facilitate intestinal peristalsis, fighting constipation. The peduncles, specifically, in the form of decoctions, are an excellent help in cases of arthritis, stones, intestinal fermentations, kidney disorders and cramps. How to taste black cherries? Fresh, in the form of juice or centrifuged, but also for the preparation of jams, to garnish ice cream, in syrup, or to decorate a semifreddo or yogurt. The fruit and leaves are also famously used for the production of wines and spirits.

Cultivation and care:

To grow black cherries it is possible to buy the young plant in sod, to be buried in the period from January until the end of spring. It is necessary to prepare a deep hole to be filled with a draining mixture, consisting of soil, sand and organic fertilizer. Furthermore, if the Amareno plant is very thin, applying a brace will help to consolidate the roots and correct the trend of the stem during the first growth phase. The production of black cherries will take place from May, from the second year of age, increasing considerably every season. From the fourth year it is a good rule to grow black cherries by pruning the branches of the plant, after harvesting the ripe fruit, to allow the assimilation of the amount of light and oxygen sufficient to the cherries of the following season.

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