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'Frantoio' Olive tree

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The 'Frantoio' Olive tree , coming from Tuscany, is one of the most uniformly spread olive trees on the national territory, but being now very popular and well-known, it is also grown abroad. Medium-sized and vigorous tree with enlarged and moderately dense foliage. The main branches are gnarled, while the long and thin fruiting branches with a dating top. Fruiting is high and constant. The ideal harvest period is around mid-November. Fruits are not suitable for canteen use.

  • Vase: 22cm, Height: 150/170cm

Generalities :

Olivo Frantoio has a typically Italian origin and, in particular, from the Tuscany region. It is one of the most cultivated varieties both in Italy and in Europe and internationally. Precisely this widespread diffusion all over the world took place due to its particular characteristics, both from a production point of view and from a qualitative point of view, which allow us to consider Frantoio as one of the predominant varieties, in the company of Leccino and Moraiolo. The olive oil mill is characterized by being a tree of medium size, by having a decidedly vigorous development and by being able to count on an excellent large crown, with a gnarled main branch that is quite thick. The branch on which the fruits of the mill develop, on the other hand, turns out to be quite regular and fine, reaching good lengths. It is a tree that does not have specific cultural needs; despite everything, it is important to underline how the olive oil mill is, from a climatic point of view, more sensitive to the cold, at least in comparison with the Leccino variety. The pollination of the olive mill is rather differentiated and the influences of many other varieties of olive trees, such as Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Americano, Miller, Morchiato and Little finger. This particular variety of olive tree has a rather vigorous and, at the same time, very abundant fruiting in terms of quantity, regular, but also late. It is precisely this latter feature that allows the Frantoio olive variety to have greater protection against the cold. We clearly feel the olive, the fresh herb, the artichoke, with a pungent and vegetable note.

Cultivation and Care:

The 'Frantoio' Olive tree , more than the minimum winter temperatures, however, fears the sudden changes in temperature that can cause splits in the trunks and branches. Some parts of the plant are particularly sensitive to the action of frost: the leaves, the buds and the bark. The latter is torn not only in the twigs, but also in the larger branches and in the trunk. The olive tree is a plant that prefers arid environments while it fears excessive humidity, except in spring, in correspondence with the maximum vegetative activity. Calcareous and dry soils are ideal, but good productions can also be had well in clayey soils, if well drained, and in sandy soils, as long as they are sufficiently irrigated.

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